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Investing differently.

Welcome to Aliter Invest !

‘Investing differently’ – encourage an in-depth reflection about the importance of ethics within your patrimony: this is our ambition and drive at Aliter Invest.

With advanced tools and methodology, Aliter Invest supports growing interest in a much more responsible investment mode in accordance with the convictions of the investor.

Our services

Financial and ethical diagnostic

Find out how ethical your investments are thanks to our free of charge and no-obligation evaluation

Ethical and impact investments

An array of investments whose ethical standards have been rigorously analyzed and validated by Aliter Invest

Discover Aliter Invest's ethical and impact funds

The investment funds mentioned are only authorized for distribution in France, Belgium and Luxembourg. Residents of other countries are kindly asked to contact us.

Our objectives

Accompany towards an «ethical transition»

Encourage an in-depth reflection about ethics in your patrimony.

Make ethical investments available to all.

Control risks and optimize performance

High-quality financial asset management.

Reasonable fee structure.

Manage risk according to risk profile.

Become a trusted partner

Rigorous tools and proven methodology.

Bring transparency to investments.

Guarantor of the ethical standard in finance.

Enable investors to be engaged and responsible

Measure the social impact of investments (social impact reports).

Influence companies’ management team through a voting policy at general assemblies.

Aliter Invest’s investment philosophy


  • Search for the Common Good

  • Consistency between investments and convictions

  • Respect and consideration for human dignity


  • Ethical reflections

  • Dialogue with companies

  • Vote at general meetings


  • Impact Investing

  • Solidarity loans

  • Donations / give to a project

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