“BBSS 1” compartment (CLOSED)

Private Debt / Responsible mesofinance in the service of man: Compartment "BBSS 1"» (CLOSED)

This sub-fund, launched in July 2016 (close to subscription), makes it possible to participate in the development of SMEs and  cooperatives of production in emerging countries which are suffering a difficult access to credit from commercial banks. The financing provided helps financing working capital needs and fixed assets. At June 2021, the portfolio is made up of 23 companies spread between the Philippines, Peru, Ecuador and 66 clinics in Mexico. Five investment themes are targeted : food, education, medical care, community services and financial inclusion.


Key data:

Total lent amount :

USD 9.326.000 through 344 loans (30/06/2021)


in the range 2 to 4% annually in USD


November 2022

Risks and guarantees:

currency, countries and counterparty risks
guarantee coverage at 100% (real estate mortgage ; assignement of assets ; cession of rights on purchase orders)


Latin America ; Philippines

Your impact ?

  • Focus on the human capital development and protection of dignity of the persons. Main selection criteria:

– SME taking care of their employees through fair wage policy, extra benefits in-kind, skills enhancement supported by training, etc…

– SME providing products and services of first need to low-income populations.

  • Examples of achievement (30/06/2021):
    • almost 100 SMEs financed in sectors such as food ; primary and secondary schools ; public transportation by coaches ; first aid medical care (maternity, radiology, orthopaedics…)
    • all SMEs must comply with the SDG*8 (decent work and sustainable growth)  * Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 (developped by the UNO)

Local financial partners:

Philippines: Maybridge (retail and SME oriented credit institution)

Ecuador: PRAGMATIQUS (factoring company)

Mexico: GARANTIA (leasing company)

Who is our partner? :

  • Luxembourg-based Private Debt company which has implemented ambitious ethics principles in financing of not- listed growing SMEs in emerging countries,
  •  that grants direct loans ranging in the range $ 50,000 to $ 400,000 with a maturity up to 48 months.
  • Each loan is co-financed (up to 80% by our partner) with a local financial (at least 20%).
  • The Investment Committee is advised by well-experienced investors and various technical experts (in topics like ethics for instance°

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