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Towards an ethical transition? Finance has a significant impact on our natural and social environment. Therefore, we all share a moral responsibility to invest in the most responsible way possible. Aliter Invest offers support for a gradual, measurable and efficient transition.

You don’t earn less by being ethical! Numerous studies show – and we firmly believe – that adherence to ethical standards is a guarantee of the success and sustainability of the companies in which we invest. Bad governance, poor management or overuse of natural resources, disrespect for the dignity of the human person on a social or bioethical level, are all risk factors that negatively impact performance.

By being more responsible, more committed, more supportive, we work for and alongside men and women who want to impact their world positively.

                                                        Imre de Habsbourg-Lorraine, founder

Finance shall remain at the service of the Human Person, not otherwise.

Archduke Christian of Austria

Founding Partner and Strategic Committee Member

Archduke Christian is married, father of five children, and grandfather of twelve grandchildren.

After eight years as private banker at J.P. Morgan in New York, Brussels and Geneva, he founded in 1990 Multiplus finance, in Geneva.

Multiplus (www.multiplusfinance.com) is an independent and objective wealth management advisory company that assists families, foundations, religious congregations and dioceses in the monitoring of their portfolios through consolidation, analysis and strategic advice.

In 2019, he co-founded with his son, Imre, the company Aliter Invest. He is a partner and member of the Strategic Committee.

Archduke Imre de Habsbourg-Lorraine

Founding Partner, CEO and Strategic Committee Member

Married with five children, Imre worked for three years in financial audit and strategic consulting at Ernst & Young (EY) in Luxembourg. He joined Multiplus Finance in 2016, which he leads today.

In 2019, he founded with his father Aliter Invest. Eager to respond to a strong desire from their clients to invest more ethically, Aliter’s team wishes to accompany investors in their ethical transition, by proposing a rigorous approach in which the human person is considered in all its dimensions.

Imre is a partner and member of the Strategic Committee.

Philippe Cuelenaere

Senior Advisor and Strategic Committee Member

Married with three children, he has a master’s degree in Applied Economics and Tax Management (ULB – Solvay Business School). Active for 23 years in the field of financial management at Banque Paribas Belgium, and at Petercam (Luxembourg) SA, where he was a member of the Management Committee in charge of day-to-day management, private and institutional management, as well as the risk management and internal audit, under the supervision of the CSSF. He is a corporate director, member of investment committees and family officer.

In 2019, Philippe Cuelenaere joined Aliter Invest where he brings his expertise in the field of investment funds, his passion for an “integral ecology”, as well as his ethical discernment on the current economic and financial system.

He is a partner and member of the Strategic Committee of Aliter Invest.

Bernard de Halleux

Senior Advisor and Strategic Committee Member

Bernard de Halleux is married and the father of three. He spent many years working at BNP Paribas in retail, private and corporate banking in the United States, France and Belgium.

After 25 years serving families and European institutions with Cordius Asset Management, he successfully led the Swiss branch of asset management firm Candriam.

For Bernard de Halleux, the world of finance, with its powerful impact on society, should give a preeminent place to questions of ethics and responsibility. With a degree in law and management, Mr. de Halleux is a member of the finance and real estate committee of the Belgian Red Cross.

He joined the strategic committee of Aliter Invest 2019.

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Eric Behaghel

Financial and extra-financial Analyst and Strategic Committee member

Married with four children, Éric has more than 30 years of experience in Banking in France, London and Geneva. He began his career at JP Morgan where he worked for 23 years promoting solutions to better manage risk and optimize financial performance for institutional and private clients. Then, he participated in the creation of the QNB subsidiary bank (Qatar National Bank) in Switzerland, where he was managing director for 2 years. He then joined the BNP Paribas teams where he advised some large families in the management of their assets and their wealth in the broad sense.

Eric holds a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) degree. He is a certified financial analyst.

In 2019, he joined Aliter Invest as a partner and member of the Strategic Committee to actively contribute to the reflection of an ethical finance. Éric brings financial and banking experience and technical expertise, including asset allocation, risk management, capital markets, and financial analysis.

Alexandre Bouchot

Assistant Director

Alexandre holds a degree in international business and a master in wealth management.

He has been active for 6 years in the field of wealth management as a Family Officer in Luxembourg and Paris for entrepreneurs and large families. Moreover, Alexandre has been in charge of the Family Office of a French entrepreneur for over 4 years.

He then joined Aliter Invest in 2022 as an Assistant Director.

Gabrielle de Carrère

Legal Advisor and Executive Assistant

Married and mother of 5 children, Gabrielle is French and Belgian.

After 7 years spent in Human Resources for an important French cosmetics
group, she moved to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to join a business law firm
for 5 years. 
Then she worked as a legal advisor in a Luxembourg fiduciary for 4 years.



Since 2020 she provides her legal and corporate expertise to Aliter Invest while strengthening collaboration with our Benelux partners.

Alessandro Pelizzon

Compliance Officer

Alessandro is Italian and Swiss. Between 1997 and 2003 he worked as a trader and then manager of a long / short equity alternative fund. Since 1999, he has been responsible for Compliance Officer and risk for various companies (mostly Swiss financial intermediaries) in parallel with his management responsibilities.

In 2014, he joined Multiplus Finance where he works as a financial analyst and wealth management advisor serving families, religious congregations and foundations.

In 2019, Alessandro takes on the role of Head of Compliance at Aliter Invest where he brings valuable experience on legal and tax aspects, as well as strategic aspects of the company’s development.

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Guillaume d'Alançon

Senior Advisor

Guillaume is married and the father of five children. After two years in human resources and six years in civil service responsible for culture and relations with the population, he spent eleven years leading a diocesan office in France.

A frequent commentator and author on ethical and social issues, he has appeared in print, radio and television.

In 2015, he founded LIFE-Europe, an association which connects professionals and volunteers to families and individuals facing difficulties through a network of family orientation centers, the “Accueil Louis et Zélie.”

He joined Aliter Invest in 2019.

Sandra Vanneste

Office Manager

Married, Sandra is a mother of two children.

She worked for 23 years in the central purchasing department for Auchan, initially as a Management Controller and then as a Marketing Manager.

She left her native region of Lille to move to Haute-Savoie, where she launched and managed her own agency dedicated to elderly care services for two years.

In 2023, she joined Aliter Invest as an Office Manager, bringing her organizational and administrative skills as well as her customer service acumen.

Photo Vincent Marx

Vincent Marx


Vincent is a graduate in Real Estate Business Management and holds a Master’s degree in Wealth Management.

After an initial experience in real estate investment funds, he joined the credit and ultra-high-net-worth client relations services within private banks in Luxembourg for two years.

He joined Aliter Invest in 2023 as a Junior Analyst.

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