Ethical investments

“Do your convictions guide your investments?”

Aliter Invest audits, analyzes and selects projects based on their ethical and financial solidity.

Identify and select the investments that correspond to your values and beliefs, your risk profile, the issues that are important to you…

All Investments:


  • Rigorous ethics

  • High-quality financial and asset management

  • Diversified strategies and thematics

  • Social impact reporting

Social Impact

  • Private Equity and Private Debt

  • Strong social impact

  • High performance / Long-term holdings

  • Monitoring and social impact reports

Remunerated Solidarity loans

  • Solidarity and social impact

  • Attractive interest rates

  • Diversité de projets et thématiques

  • Monitoring and social impact reports

Give to a

  • Diversified strategies and thematics

  • Fiscally deductible

  • Process support

  • Monitoring and social impact reports

Our approach is ambitious, collaborative and scientific. Finance has an extremely high impact on society ... let us make it a positive one!


All investments


Geographical areas

BACKBONE EM Social Impact II

  Private Debt / Responsible mesofinance for human development and dignity This new compartment is aimed at replicating the same investment strategy as the compartment


BACKBONE EM Impact Health

  Healthcare services to middle-low income population   This compartment helps filling the gap in the access to healthcare services among the vulnerable population in


Give to a project

Give to a project support an association, participate in a humanitarian project or make a donation. Please contact us directly via our form. We propose


“BBSS 1” compartment (CLOSED)

Private Debt / Responsible mesofinance in the service of man: Compartment “BBSS 1″» (CLOSED) This sub-fund, launched in July 2016 (close to subscription), makes it


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