Listed ethical fund

Listed ethical fund:

To meet different expectations expressed, Aliter Invest identifies a first fund whose investment philosophy places the human person at the center of concerns. In addition, with a great financial rigor, this fund is particularly interested in the field of the environment, social conditions, good governance of a society and the protection of life.

Essential information:

Net assets :

€ 63m

Expected return :

about 3% per year

Investment horizon :

medium / long term

Risks :

The detailed risk profile of this fund can be found on the website

Balanced Portfolio

45 % equity, 45 % bond, 10% Impact Investing

Geographic exposure :


Your impact ?

EXCLUDES : Exclusion of the controversial arms industry, areas of addiction and outrages on human dignity.

PROMOTE : Development and support of the companies that make the most effort in terms of ESG practices. Best-in-class and best-in-effort strategy.

INFLUENCE : Commitment Policy for Portfolio Companies  Proxy voting.

IMPACT : 10% of the fund is invested in Impact Investing.

This fund has a strong impact in education, social reintegration, health, the environment, measurable and communicated periodically.

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