Remunerated Solidarity loans


The project: A car industry for Madagascar

In 2009, LE RELAIS took the opportunity to take over the assembly plant with the aim of relaunching an activity as a support for local socio-economic development. A work of rehabilitation of the tools of production and formation of the teams is necessary. Thus 85 vehicles were manufactured, restoring the status of only African car manufacturer.

In 2011, LE RELAIS decided to prepare the future of the brand, by designing a new vehicle, the MAZANAII intended to replace the old models that will become obsolete in 2016.

Essential information:

Total amount loaned :

€500 000

Expected return:


Investment horizon:

60 months


Investors finance Le Relais France and do not bear the risk of exchange with the Malagasy structure. Risks of loss



Your impact ?

  • Creation of sustainable jobs: 75 people including 80% in reintegration and 25% of women


  • Local production and national economic development on a single product in Africa: label “made in Madagascar”


  • Professional and extra-professional social support, supplementary health insurance

Who is the project partner?:

Company name: LE RELAIS France

Key figures: 2017 turnover of € 1,345,132 and balance sheet of € 11,009,512

Who is our partner? :

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